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The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Website     

         Resources -- Bible Studies/ Devotions 

                                  Christian Cyclopedia

   The Lutheran Confessions confessions

              Read and download---

                   The Three Ecumenical or Universal Creeds

                   The Augsburg Confession

                    The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

                    The Large Catechism

                    The Small Catechism

                    The Smalcald Articles

  A Reading List for Lutherans 

               Basic Lutheranism

                    Spirituality of the Cross:  The Way of the First

                                      Evangelicals   by Gene Veith   

                     Lutheranism 101 by Scot A Kinnaman

                     Christian Dogmatics by J.T. Mueller

                      Lutheran Theology by Steven D Paulson

               The Confessions

                      The Book of Concord

               Lutheran Classics

                       Law and Gospel by C.F.W. Walther

                       The Hammer of God by Bo Glertz

                       The Two Natures of  Christ by

                                                  Martin Chemnitz                        

                        The Conservative Reformation by Charles 

                                               Porterfield Krauth

               Works by Martin Luther

                         The Freedom of the Christian